Mojave Mojave 6S - New 2023 “Stealth” Update: Spektrum V2

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I picked up a new Mojave 6S BLX RTR today from my LHS and noticed that it had the new “V2” Spektrum electronics package for the 6S, which is similar to the ”V2” Spektrum electronics you would find in the new Kraton/Outcast 8S EXB RTR models.

In the audiophile world, these unannounced updates (yet significant) are referred as “stealth” updates.


The motor mount screws are aftermarket as the stock ones are the same screws that we all hate.
Hey that motor heatsink has now more than 4 holes🧐. Might beable to run double 30mm fans but why not put holes on the other edge?
More photos…

Even the specs still say “S652” for the servo. Lazy marketing.

V2 Motor: Unknown (Unreleased)
V2 Servo: Spektrum S665 (Unreleased)

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Maybe u got send an unreleased vehicle?🤣 maybe theres other things new
What?!?! Did hell freeze over?
That is what I said. 25 spl now.... finally?? It's a celebration for sure:ROFLMAO:
I guess HH/Spektrum realized they couldn't get the rest of the world to embrace their 23 Spl servos.
25 Spline ( an OG Futaba spec) is better because you have more degrees of Arm/horn orientation. A world standard for some while by now, with standard size servos.
Arrma's non Spektrum servo equipped models were all 25 spline anyway.
Same thing, different Color and F/W that's it. They could have left the Color alone and just updated the Firmware, just that Spektrum's Marketting Dept. dictated the New Color. They will sell more now. Because it is "Supposedly" Newer and Better.
And Who doesn't want newer and better??? Even if it only appears that way.:giggle: