RPM A-Arms for the Talion, Kraton, and Outcast!

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Arrma RC's
  1. Kraton 6s
  2. Mojave EXB

RPM RC Products is delivering again - this time with front upper and lower a-arms for the Arrma Kraton, Outcast, and Talion RC's. Oh the A-Arms also fit the Durango DEX8T :D

Made from the well known nylon blend. RPM has also made a few changes of their own over the stock Arrma A-arms such as eliminated slop, a second shock mount hole for suspension options and the RPM A-Arms are also 10% lighter than stock arms!

Part number: 81482
MSRP: $12.95 /pair
Do these need the spacers? I"m guessing yes since they work on multiple products. The only problem I see with these is you buy two sets to take care of the front, and then if you lose a spacer, they aren't available separately for the kraton/outcast so you are buying A arms anyway. I can't imagine breaking a arm on one of these and not losing a spacer.
Awesome !!! Thanks for posting Boss... Looks like they're realizing there's a lot of out here!! Way to go RPM..
Jou can use washers instead these small clips.
If you like the most loosen parts like these clips, just take a peace of PVC or better Nylon, Drill, file, saw and sandpaper.
And just DIY. you just has to take care that they are equal.

I have done the same for an 18 Years old RC-car where I can´t get any spare parts anymore.
Or maybe RPM will hear you´re prayer. ;)

But generally its nice to read that information, thanks woody.
Hopefully RPM will also make parts for the Nero-family in future.
Yea I'm looking at washers. Wish they just Made a version that didn't need spacers. Like I'm not really concerned about my caster and such when bashing.

Rpm makes good stuff I'm really happy about this
i am right, you mean these small plastic clips? If yes, so the clips are necessary to change the characteristic from the front axle.
It makes possible to get more control on different terrain with just move the clip to front or to the back.
It changes the angle of the front wheels.
My suggestion works only for the same condition and you have to unmount the arms to make a change.
If you found you're setting, than just change to washers. (I had used V4A Washers)

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