1. C

    Typhon Replacing transmitter and receiver

    New to the hobby so this might sound dumb... Thinking on getting the arrma typhon 3s from tower hobbies (only them and horizon ship to my country) and it comes with a really cheap spectrum transmitter and receiver. Can i buy a better one and replace it? I know ill need to replace the receiver...
  2. M

    Kraton What is CH3 used for on the Kraton 4S

    Hi guys. So I’m upgrading the receiver in my Kraton 4s And while swapping it out I noticed that it’s using 3 channels. The usual steering and throttle, but then an extra one coming from the motor. What’s this for? I’m slightly bemused.
  3. Outcastblxnut

    Typhon New receiver in typhon no reverse

    Just put in spektrum s215 in typhon I have a dx5c. It binds fine but has no reverse. Works every once in while. Transmitter set on forward brake reverse and tried to re bind with no luck. I'm stumped?
  4. Gastrok

    Talion Tactic TR326 vs. TR325 Receiver

    Hi All, Got water in the receiver box of my Talion v3 and fried the receiver - see pics below - looks like corrosion. The stock receiver is the Tactic TR326, but it seems to be out of stock in every online store I've searched. The TR325, however, does seem to be readily available. Will the...
  5. Tvcraig75

    Kraton What radio/receiver would you choose for Kraton v4?

    With all of the disappointment in the radio supplied with the new Kraton v4, please tell me what economical system would you replace it with? Not looking to break the bank.
  6. TurboTeg512

    Can't get TR326 receiver to work

    I just bought a new tr326 receiver for my Fazon 6s. I can't get it to work. I've tried the suggested process but no luck. Am I missing something?
  7. TraverseCity420

    I miss TSM, Has anyone put a trx reciever in there bigrock?

    As I have completely scrapped at least 2 traxxas vehicles I have a grip of spare parts sitting around waiting to be used for something stupid like putting it in an arrma vehicle for example. I think I read somewhere someone put a trx receiver into there arrma but i'll be damned if I can find...
  8. Brewcity414

    Senton 3s blx receiver swap

    has anyone swapped out their Tactic receiver for this truck? Any suggestions?
  9. paulybatz

    Futaba 3PL steering binding

    Having trouble finding a tutorial on how to set it up... only one is in French. Bought a Used Kraton. Thanks in advance. Pauly
  10. The_Otherside

    New receiver/transmitter for the Outcast

    I have a Spektrum DX5C transmitter I use for my TLR 22t 4.0 and I bought a receiver but it doesn't look like the pins from the Outcast fit into the receiver. Is there only a certain type that fit? Thank you.
  11. Mustangman66$

    Granite Radio binding

    Hello hobbiest my brother had a new remote under warranty sent but not sure how to bind to the truck just wanting to know how to thank you
  12. Mongoose

    Which port does the servo plug into on the reciever?

    1 or 2? I don't want to unplug and unravel wires if I don't have to trying to figure this out. Thanks in advance.
  13. Paultro84

    Binding the transmitter to the reciever on Outcast

    Been having a lot of problems with my Outcast and I wanted to make sure that the transmitter was bound to the receiver. But when I try to get the receiver to search for a transmitter the LED never blinks. My ESC has a fast blinking red LED. For some reason it will not exit temperature protection...
  14. R

    Vorteks Totally new Vorteks!

    Our sons brand new Vorteks BLs is now not working! New Christmas Day, has worked twice. The red and blue light is consistently on, stating that the reverse is active. Help! Cheers, Marina.
  15. AGHolman

    Big Rock Stupid question: Big Rock receiver wires!?

    Hi everyone, I searched through the manual, online, and on the forums, but I can't find a good clean pic of how the wires are supposed to connect to the diff brain and receiver. I just picked up a used Big Rock in excellent shape but it was missing Rx/Tx and now I'm trying to figure out what...
  16. tigerljj1

    Can't bind new Futaba 4PLS Transmitter with receiver

    Hi forum, Can't link/bind new 4PLS transmitter to receiver that came with it. I'm following directions per manual and even researched YouTube. Have tried about 20 times: connecting, disconnecting, reconnecting receiver to ESC and steering servo. Any ideas? Calling Futaba tomorrow. Thank you!
  17. Combatjeep

    Nero receiver question

    I have done a search for this. Probably a very easy question. I have a Nero with diff brain. Inside the receiver box on the receiver there are 4 slots. 1 2 3 & b+. The b+ is an open slot. Is that slot to be left alone? Is it for anything specific? Would it be safe to plug a glitch buster into...
  18. NotNotSpeirs

    Will the Spektrum SR410 reciever fit in the Typhon?

    Hello so I'm looking to get a new radio for the Typhon and I'm looking to get the Spektrum dx4c. Recently I heard that the receiver that comes with the dx4c (SR410) doesn't fit in the waterproof receiver box is that true? If anyone could help me on that that would be great thank you :)
  19. G

    Kraton No power to motor or esc

    Hi there I brought a second hand kraton was told receiver waterproof but was not so fried that brought new controller and receiver spectrum but I now have no power I've been told if receiver is bad it won't power up is this true if so I'll send back was going to get new esc but spent a fortune...
  20. Kratonlover723

    Receiver max voltage

    I just got my Kraton running for the first time in a year and have a new servo and ESC. I want to set the BEC to 7.2 volts to get more torque from the servo, but I'm not sure that the receiver can handle it. Any info on the receiver's max voltage?