1. S

    Typhon 1/8 TLR Tuned TYPHON 6S 4WD BLX Buggy RTR, Red/Blue

    OK, I'm a newbie at 68-years young. Just retired and ordered a Typhon and just realized it doesn't have AVC. I know there a lot who dismiss AVC but thinking I may want to put it in anyway. Want to also update my transmitter to the Spektrum DX5C. So here's my questions... 1. Which of these...
  2. lost247

    Typhon Which receiver/transmitter combo not hugely expensive would you use

    Hi all looking for advise not hugely expensive would you use typhoon 6s blx185 SPEKTRUM DX3 SMART 3 CHANNEL TRANSMITTER WITH SR315 RECEIVER Radiolink RC4GS V3 5 Channels RC Transmitter and R6FG Gyro Or other? Dumbo rc had trouble with it Any info input would be 😊👍 Thank you advance
  3. lost247

    Typhon Go to Replacement Controller/transmitter for arrma typhon BLX185 6s

    Hi there Just wondering what the best price to performance RC Controller is for the ARRMA TYPHON 6S BLX185 I bought a dumborc x6 with gyro but I could not get it to work right. binded fine plugged in correctly, programmed throttle and steering via instructions. steering would work fine but...
  4. PerditionsFlame

    Futaba R404SBS-E receiver

    Hi all Has anyone got any experience with the Futaba R404SBS-E receiver in combo with the Futaba10px? Would it have good range when used in my Kraton 8s EXB? I have already purchased it but not yet installed it.
  5. I

    Dumbo RC Transmitter Issue..

    Hello there peep, i just paired my dumbo receiver with the transmitter but when i press the throttle nothing is working at all.. the esc is plugged in channel 2 for the motor and i tried to pair it again many time but it's still does the same thing :confused: but when i scroll the number 2...
  6. thrak76

    Steering channel operates throttle (Spektrum SR6100AT receiver)

    Having a heck of a time trying to bind a BLX100 ESC to new transmitter/receiver. I've got a DX5C, paired with a sr6100AT. Cannot get a proper bind, and only thing that operates is forward throttle when I use the steering channel! If I swap channel positions on the receiver, then steering works...
  7. E

    DX5C + SR6100AT problems!!!

    So having issues with transmitter and possibly the receiver, not sure! Kraton 8s drives fine as long as I’m on the throttle but as soon as I let off and let it coast it drives around in a circle to the right. Need help figuring this out when it first bound it connected and immediately turned to...
  8. ConVail1127

    Any recommendations on cheap transmitters and/or receivers?

    New to the hobby and am still waiting to get my first rc (senton 3s) and want to get a good replacement transmitter and/or receiver (With gyro) for it because I have heard many bad reviews on the stx2. Any recommendations?
  9. fabiankrieger

    Spektrum stx2 has no break or reverse

    Hi everybody, The title says it all, i have an Arrma Notorious with the Spektrum stx2 radio+receiver. I did some bashing the other day, and everything was fine. But sometimes i couldn't drive in reverse or break, it worked every now and then. But now he completely stopped (with the break and...
  10. Dukeofpeckham

    Kraton Best radio / transmitter system for Kraton 6s

    I’m new! Just bought my first proper RC since getting jealous of my sons FTX Outlaw. Seen a load of reviews saying that the transmitter (is that the right term?) isn’t that good that comes with the Kraton 6s as there’s delay. What would anyone recommend as the best one to get? Cheers in advance!
  11. D

    Typhon How do I bind my Arrma Typhon receiver?

    I Have a Arrma Typhon and my esc and reciever are not connecting i have binding plug but were do i plug to reset esc?
  12. Maddognz

    Talion Sanwa RX482 does it really fit ???

    I brought a Sanwa MTS radio with a rx482 receiver as an upgrade for the infamous stx2 that came with my Talion 6s BLX. I'm having serious trouble trying to insert the channel 1 and 2 connectors. I have read that sanwas connectors are tight but OMG !! I can't get them in. I'm a newbie, am I...
  13. mpspringer

    Mojave Flysky FGr4 Reciever + Waterproof Housing?

    I recently purchased a Mojave and absolutely love it! However the stock transmitter just does not do it for me. That said, I'm looking at purchasing the Flysky Noble NB4 transmitter. For the receiver, the wired one (model FGr4) seems to be the winning choice as it offers better distance than...
  14. dillon_mitko

    Looking for new radio

    I’ve been running the flysky fs-gt3b for a while now and I’m ready to upgrade to something better... especially after my cousin drove an outcast straight into it and now the antenna is falling off?. But I’m looking to stay under 100(including a 2nd or 3rd receiver) model storage is a must as I...
  15. C

    Typhon Replacing transmitter and receiver

    New to the hobby so this might sound dumb... Thinking on getting the arrma typhon 3s from tower hobbies (only them and horizon ship to my country) and it comes with a really cheap spectrum transmitter and receiver. Can i buy a better one and replace it? I know ill need to replace the receiver...
  16. M

    Kraton What is CH3 used for on the Kraton 4S

    Hi guys. So I’m upgrading the receiver in my Kraton 4s And while swapping it out I noticed that it’s using 3 channels. The usual steering and throttle, but then an extra one coming from the motor. What’s this for? I’m slightly bemused.
  17. Outcastblxnut

    Typhon New receiver in typhon no reverse

    Just put in spektrum s215 in typhon I have a dx5c. It binds fine but has no reverse. Works every once in while. Transmitter set on forward brake reverse and tried to re bind with no luck. I'm stumped?
  18. Gastrok

    Talion Tactic TR326 vs. TR325 Receiver

    Hi All, Got water in the receiver box of my Talion v3 and fried the receiver - see pics below - looks like corrosion. The stock receiver is the Tactic TR326, but it seems to be out of stock in every online store I've searched. The TR325, however, does seem to be readily available. Will the...
  19. Tvcraig75

    Kraton What radio/receiver would you choose for Kraton v4?

    With all of the disappointment in the radio supplied with the new Kraton v4, please tell me what economical system would you replace it with? Not looking to break the bank.
  20. TurboTeg512

    Can't get TR326 receiver to work

    I just bought a new tr326 receiver for my Fazon 6s. I can't get it to work. I've tried the suggested process but no luck. Am I missing something?