1. OutcastKB

    New servo only turns one way

    I just put a new servo in my Outcast 6s EXB ready to run. Replaced the stock one because it just stopped working. The new one will only turn one direction, I turn right it turns left, if I turn left it turns left???? I switched the ESC and servo plugs in the receiver and the throttle will turn...
  2. J

    Granite Arrma granite - servo and steering stopped working

    Hiya We’re new to Arrma world but we have been enjoying our Granite for the last 3 months. Suddenly today the servo stopped, meaning completely dead steering. Everything else works fine (eg forwards and backwards). Batteries fully charge including handset. We’ve also checked the obvious...
  3. Spikey

    What's the best servo to use

    I'm currently using a blue savox 1/5 servo, in the exb 8s, it's quite weak for the exb, whats a good servo?
  4. RickRussell_CA

    Outcast Outcast 4S V2 servo upgrade notes + Kimbrough Heavy Servo Saver

    Hey folks, a summary of my new servo & servo saver installation on Outcast 4S V2. Notes for those who might like to try it themselves. Should apply just fine to Kraton 4S V2, or even the 3S vehicles. Equipment: * ProModeler servo: * Kimbrough servo saver...
  5. Vincentricity

    Big Rock Warranty claim in Australia for dead stock servo?

    Hi, I searched & read similar claims, but none the wiser on how to go about it for those who live in Australia. Arrma's warranty page stated not to chase up our local hobby shop. I ended up using the Arrma Virtual Assistant and got a case number, but nothing has come through my email yet. The...
  6. Nebula34

    Typhon Servo saver issues

    Hey All, 2 Questions for the hive mind: 1). I went to go replace my servo (again) today on my 3S Typhon. This is the third one - the others have been stock spectrum and have all pooped out on me after a few rides??? I'm calibrating the servo's once they're on, but they just seem to burn out...
  7. G

    Stock Spektrum S651 servo dead or repairable?

    Hi all, Just got into RC racing a week ago with my new Arrma 4x4 BLX 3s v3 and I absolutely love it! Cheers to that. I have had my car for less than a week of driving (approximately 5 battery runs). Yesterday, during a driving session, the car would only turn right. When I turn right on...
  8. Knightfall

    Mojave Spektrum 160a - No BEC 7.4V option?

    I have a Spektrum Firma 160a in my Mojave EXB and I installed a Savox SW-1210SG which is 7.4v. I have the Spektrum program card and my ESC only shows 6.0v or 8.4v. There is no 7.4v. I can a firmware update which jumped me from version B3.09 to B4.12, but there is still no 8.4v. The servo works...
  9. GregsaurusRex

    Kraton Is this servo fixable or do I need to buy another one? DS3235SG DSServo

    Is this servo fixable or do I need to buy another one? DS3235SG DSServo Amazon link:
  10. Cohen

    Kraton 8S steering wobble - mud guard.

    Hey Guys, Im fine tuning and trying to get rid of the vibrations and wobbling at my Kraton 8s for a smoother ride. I already upgraded for aluminum knucles, steering set and servo saver springs. But most of the play and issues comes from the bearing in front of the servo, where lands at the...
  11. HoodieBoy

    Outcast Electronics upgrades

    So I was thinking of replacing my Outcast 6S EXB electronics with better ones. I was searching for cheaper options so these aren't the best of the best, but they are still good for the price. Does anyone have a better suggestion? These are my favourites: ESC & motor combo: Hobbywing Max8 & 4274...
  12. Luggas_H1

    Kraton Kraton 6s exb only steers to one side

    My Kraton has been running fine with a plastic servo horn for a few runs now, until i stripped it (it was only a matter of time i knew that woudnt last). After that I bought an Aluminium Servo horn from the V4 RTR Kraton, and now it only steers to the right when the wheels are on the ground...
  13. Drjt

    Mojave Is Spectrum Trash? New Arrma Mojave electronics failure!

    I used to love Arrma... now I'm having trouble with every model... I should say with the spectrum components in 3 new models... first the vorteks steering servo, then the outcast servo and radio, now the mojave servo and esc... all within a few packs of running... It's getting so ridiculous...
  14. crash710

    Notorious Arrma notorious 6s

    My servo went out and I’m wanting to get a new one but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg
  15. creastruction

    ...servo unresponsive, BigRockV3 stock servo

    ...out on a bash and at the end of the battery, the servo went unresponsive, to both: L/R steering and trim ...I'll be engaged in disassembly to source the issue... ...sadly AF won't accept MP4 files and I have no idea how to alter the format in which my phone saves videos... In the video you...
  16. vetteman1000

    Limitless is turning right

    A few weeks ago I had a major accident with my Limitless. I just finished putting it back together, I did a four-wheel alignment and took it for a test drive. I went extremely slow to make sure everything was working. Unfortunately, the vehicle would travel 10-15 feet and then turn to the...
  17. sogz

    Vorteks Arrma vorteks esc

    Hi, I have a arrma vorteks. The esc has a flashing red light. I have tried the following to resolve: rebinding the transmitter and receiver 4 Different batteries unplugging the servo is this a case of a fried esc? many thanks
  18. J

    The ARAC8200 doesn’t have screw threads and normal servo screws won’t mount ?? Tf do i do

    I had to replace the receiver box for my ARRMA Senton 550 because the screw holes got shaved and the servo mount screws kept falling off. ONLY TO FIND OUT THE ARAC8200 doesn't EVEN HAVE THREADS AND NORMAL SERVO SCREWS ARENT BIG ENOUGH TO CREATE THREADS. PLZ HELP
  19. J

    Senton What servo savers are compatible with the SW-1211SG?

    Need help finding the right servo saver for the SW-1211SG which is 25T spline. I bought the Kimbrough large small end servo saver which fits perfectly but it seems like it doesn’t work well with the steering link on the Senton Mega 550 so I tried going for a metal 25T servo horn. First, the HR...
  20. Sander MS

    Kraton Servo locking when starting car

    I have an Arrma Kraton 6s BLX thats a few months old. I recently calibrated the servo(because it was turning to far to one side), and it was working fine for a while. When I turned the car on today the servo locked all they way to the right all by itself and makes a horrible grinding noise...