1. JerTendo

    Servo question

    I just got my first Arrma RC. It’s a blue Notorious which I know is an Outcast with a new body. After bashing for about 15 mins my servo stripped out. So now I have a servo question like everyone else. I searched the forum for a couple hours and couldn’t find the answer. I just got the Hot...
  2. davetron22

    Ads-7m servo in granite 4x4

    This is my first post. I am new to rc and just figuring things out on the fly. I recently had what I figured to be a servo issue on my granite 4x4 (turned left but wouldn't go right, turning right only brought the wheels straight, neutral had the wheels left). I tried rebinding everything in...
  3. dwblue00

    General consensus on servo upgrade

    Just for future reference.....whats the best waterproof replacement to the stock steering servo in the outcast? Thanks in advance!
  4. O

    Servo broken already?

    Third time out with my new Kraton and I think I broke the steering servo. If I pick the front end up it will steer, but with wheels on the ground the wheels won't turn and the servo makes weird grinding noise. Is the servo shot, or is there something I can fix?
  5. RxMonkey

    Servo Saver Setting?

    what do you guys have your servo saver set at? My outcast and senton steer great though they have a shorter wheelbase. My Kraton feels like I’m driving a sheet of plywood. I have a voltage mount and Savox 1210. For some reason it doesn’t turn well at all. I’m going to adjust the EPAs. How far...
  6. HUGO .R

    Arrma kraton best tires and best servo

    Hi everibody, for you who are the best tires for the arrma kraton v3 and the best servo ? Thanks HUGO
  7. Snoprosledneck88

    No steering new servo

    just installed a new servo and it doesn’t work. Nothing happens when I turn the wheel on the transmitter. If I push the end point buttons it turns but that’s it. How do I set this thing up again for steering?
  8. Snoprosledneck88

    Servo warranty

    Figured I would share since I may be one of the first to deal with horizon hobby for warranty repair/parts on an Arrma. My stock servo quit working. First it wouldn’t turn left the failed all together and wouldn’t turn all together. I called horizon and told them my issues. The asked me to...

    New savox servo making noise

    I just installed a new savox 1210sg servo and it makes a noise in a sitting position. I’m wondering if it needs a bec or a glitch buster any thoughts? I tried posting the short video but it won’t let me
  10. OUTCAST613

    no steering

    new here and everywhere else .so please be gentle. I have an outcast BLX .Steering just quit .how do I verify the correct operation of the servo and the ESC? went thru all procedures and could nt get the correctflashing led on receiver or the ESC.the only correct flash was on tx control of 5...
  11. E

    Upgrade servo on senton 4x4

    I'm looking to get into racing with my senton 4x4 almready got a hobby wing justock zero spec 3500kv motor an ESC sensored. Looking at the wp120t eco power servo it has 400oz an .9 and waterproof so I assume that’d be enough for racing right?
  12. K4L4M1TY

    Power HD 20kg servo

    Anyone using these servo's in their kraton or similar? Specifically the blue 20kg waterproof model LW-20mg. Stripped out the weak ads-15m already and the Power HD's seem to get good reviews for their price.
  13. asphaltlou

    Typhon servo????

    Ok, I can not keep a servo in my Typhon, I keep breaking the stockers. I've done some reading and noticed the some people use the savox 1210. I don't care about spend some extra money on it as long as it lasts. Any suggestions from my Arrma family would much appreciated. Thank you.
  14. Robx7fcna

    Servo upgrade

    Hey guys, I have always ran stock servos in my RTRs but when I did research on the outcast before I bought one, I noticed everyone complaining about the mount flexing and the stock servo crapping out. Now I have my outcast and ordered a tall servo mount, I'm looking for a servo. From reading...
  15. Paultro84

    Servo locks up turning left

    Was out doing cartwheels with my Outcast all day yesterday :-) and then I turned left and it just went in circles. Haha servo was locked up so I took it apart, real simple inside. Couldn't see anything wrong so I put it back together, spinning the gears as I went and everything moved fine. Put...
  16. B

    V3 Typhon Servo Upgrade.

    Hey! I have had my V3 Arrma Typhon and love it but the stock servos are just garbage. They strip out so fast and are expensive for how fragile and poor quality they are. I’ve seen great reviews on this servo and don’t know if it will fit or if the BEC will work with it. I don’t know how BEC’s...
  17. C

    Replacing servo

    Any videos out there on replacing servo and servo mount on the outcast im a noob
  18. TooFewScrews

    Just stripped the second servo in my outcast.

    Well, I stripped two servos that seem to come stock in most of Arrma's vehicles. After tooling around the house a bit with my 2018 outcast I decided to go to a local park and baja the truck across some rather rough terrain created by pickup truck tires and such. (no jumps) I thought maybe it...
  19. Fazoner

    Steering servo turnes quicker/stronger to the right than to the left...

    Hello! I have driven the car with max steering trim a couple of times, thought that was a great idea until it found the video on how to configure the trim correctly. Now I have discovered that the steering servo (Savox SW-1210SG) is turnes the wheels quicker/further to the right than to the...
  20. arrmaracing

    Blue bird servo BLS-H50B F

    Just bought my servo for my arrma kraton v3 to replace my power hd 23 servo. Do I need any additional items for the servo to function. Thanks