1. D

    Vorteks 1/10 Vorteks servo problems

    Hi, Im kind new to the hobby. I have a problem with stearing. The stiock sero burnt out only after 5-6 lipos ( during a race!!!) I bought a 25kg servo and installed it and it worked on the bench back home ( just not the gyro) but i tought i handle that later. howeever i started to see that it...
  2. NoHardFeelings

    Granite Granite, new servo problem

    I have a Granite that is practically brand new and the servo died. I got a couple of cheapo replacements on Amazon, one for the Granite and another for my Big Rock. These are the ones:
  3. A

    Vorteks Recommended servo upgrade

    Hi, After the first 6 months of fairly solid use, the servo on my son’s Vorteks has stopped working (throttle and brakes still operate). Can anyone in the know, offer suggestions for a decent upgraded servo replacement from the standard factory-fitted servo? Thanks!
  4. S

    Kraton Arrma Kraton 6s servo

    So I'm looking to upgrade my cheap 35kg servo in my Kraton and was wondering if I could run the Reefs 422hd v2 winch servo in it as a friend is getting rid of a new one for $70. It seems to have better specs than the regular 422hd v2 servo, so I'm wondering if it would be work in the Kraton or a...
  5. superticky

    Talion Servo on brand new Talion 6S BLX 4WD EXtreme Bash stopped working the first day.

    Hello guys, how are you all doing ? Well, I was lucky enough to get the last Talion 6S BLX 4WD EXtreme Bash in stock from my local hobby store, since that model has been discontinued for a few months now. On the other hand, yesterday, on my very first run, after about 30 minutes bashing in...
  6. cancelthefuture

    BECs were a mistake

    Hey y'all, Ever since I got a Reefs 99 for my FMS Smasher, I've been after the perfect steering. I used to wonder why people would drop all this money on servos. Then I tried the Reefs 99 and was like Oh yes, more of that please. I grabbed a Savox 2210 for the Outcast and wow what a...
  7. bukshypro

    The Savox servos don't really work with the Firma 100A, 120A ESC's

    I am not entirely sure, but if I remember my earlier research well, it is the stall current of the servo that wants to pull more than what the ESC actually can provide. For this reason multiple Savox servos I tried on 100A-120A ESC's, had this brownout effect, so for instance the servo had this...
  8. B

    New Big Rock upgrades

    This is crazy but I won another raffle for $1000 at a hobby shop. I am looking to upgrade my Big Rock, lookin for suggestions.
  9. triplebeastalpha

    Servos!!! Brushed vs Coreless vs Brushless What’s people’s preference?

    Just looking for some opinions, maybe some facts if anyone has any😉? Apologies in advance for all the questions, any info you guys can give would be greatly appreciated😁. I remember looking up the differences when I bought my first servo and going for coreless, for the faster speed vs brushed...
  10. PaulLiu

    Outcast Outcast EXB randomly turn left or right

    Hi guys, I recently got an Outcast, first thing I did is upgrade the servo to a OMG 65KG one, after I run it for some time, I find sometime the car turns left or right on its own without any steering input on or off throttle and sometimes it doesn't go back to center after a turn, this happens...
  11. djdjdjshsh

    Will 6s 185blx esc work with stock typhon servo

    I’m thinking about getting 6s esc for my car so I can put higher power battery but I’m wondering if a 6s esc will work with 3s stock servo, I don’t know if you need a 6s servo for 6s esc or if it doesn’t matter
  12. 4TFour RC

    Senton Twitchy wandering servo help?

    Today I got out my Senton 3s blx after it had sat for about 4 months or so, removed the main components and have it a good cleaning, reassembled, and turned it on with a known good battery and fresh tx batteries. The servo seems twitchy, and it looks like it's hunting for "center". I looked at...
  13. Steve6S

    Kraton Steering Servo - Slow

    Hey guys Picked this up to replace the stock servo that failed, Link, but it seems very slow. Also added the HR adjustable servo saver. The sterling rate adjustment on the controller is maxed out. But still seems to turn slowly. There isn’t any binding/interference. Any ideas?
  14. OutcastKB

    New servo only turns one way

    I just put a new servo in my Outcast 6s EXB ready to run. Replaced the stock one because it just stopped working. The new one will only turn one direction, I turn right it turns left, if I turn left it turns left???? I switched the ESC and servo plugs in the receiver and the throttle will turn...
  15. J

    Granite Arrma granite - servo and steering stopped working

    Hiya We’re new to Arrma world but we have been enjoying our Granite for the last 3 months. Suddenly today the servo stopped, meaning completely dead steering. Everything else works fine (eg forwards and backwards). Batteries fully charge including handset. We’ve also checked the obvious...
  16. Spikey

    What's the best servo to use

    I'm currently using a blue savox 1/5 servo, in the exb 8s, it's quite weak for the exb, whats a good servo?
  17. RickRussell_CA

    Outcast Outcast 4S V2 servo upgrade notes + Kimbrough Heavy Servo Saver

    Hey folks, a summary of my new servo & servo saver installation on Outcast 4S V2. Notes for those who might like to try it themselves. Should apply just fine to Kraton 4S V2, or even the 3S vehicles. Equipment: * ProModeler servo: * Kimbrough servo saver...
  18. Vincentricity

    Big Rock Warranty claim in Australia for dead stock servo?

    Hi, I searched & read similar claims, but none the wiser on how to go about it for those who live in Australia. Arrma's warranty page stated not to chase up our local hobby shop. I ended up using the Arrma Virtual Assistant and got a case number, but nothing has come through my email yet. The...
  19. Nebula34

    Typhon Servo saver issues

    Hey All, 2 Questions for the hive mind: 1). I went to go replace my servo (again) today on my 3S Typhon. This is the third one - the others have been stock spectrum and have all pooped out on me after a few rides??? I'm calibrating the servo's once they're on, but they just seem to burn out...
  20. Knightfall

    Mojave Spektrum 160a - No BEC 7.4V option?

    I have a Spektrum Firma 160a in my Mojave EXB and I installed a Savox SW-1210SG which is 7.4v. I have the Spektrum program card and my ESC only shows 6.0v or 8.4v. There is no 7.4v. I can a firmware update which jumped me from version B3.09 to B4.12, but there is still no 8.4v. The servo works...