1. S

    Vorteks Newbie servo issue

    Hi! I bought a new servo (an srt dl5015) to replace the stock servo on my Vorteks after it died and I ran into an issue; when connecting the new servo the steering is reversed. The obvious solution, to flip the Reverse Steering switch on the remote works but *not with the AVC*, it takes off in...
  2. J

    Vorteks only turns left

    I am newbie, I bought a Vorteks 4x4 BLX used off of ebay. I drove it for 10 minutes and it stopped turning left. Today, I replaced the stock servo with a Savox SW-0321 and when I put the servo on a servo tested it works fine. Turns both directions, min and maxes look good. When I plug the servo...
  3. steve73

    Kraton Another idiot asking about servo’s

    Thanks to everyone who helped with my last problem, all sorted👍 Ok this has prob been asked a thousand times if so apologies all round, I have a kraton 6s v5 I have the 19t pinion so it can Motor, I drive it on shortish grass(3”) on a 3acre field can anyone recommend a decent servo in $100-$150...
  4. D

    Best servo upgrade for Arrma Senton BLX

    What would be the best servo upgrade for my arrma senton blx as the old stock one took a poop.
  5. Apollo-11

    Kraton Kraton 6s Servo and servo mount set ups

    Looking to upgrade my servo mount and servo in my kraton 6s. Any recommendations? Not looking to spend a paycheck on a servo just to bash with though😅
  6. Darvid

    Kraton Servo upgrade V5 Kraton

    Hi All so I go a SV1270TG (35kg titanium gear) Servo to replace the dead spectrum 18kg one. the the physical size is the same how the teeth number are different. The guy at the hobby shop said I use the new arm that come with the Servo but might need to drill it out to fit. I have not taken...
  7. S

    New Granite servo failed

    Hi Bought a brand new granite and the servo seems to have already stopped working. What is a good replacement? I don't want to end up having to change it again. From what i read the stock servos are junk
  8. KRATON 6S servo upgrade QYRC 25kg

    KRATON 6S servo upgrade QYRC 25kg

    25kg double ball bearing servo installed from Ebay $13.79 shipped.It's not faster but it is stronger than stock. I also installed fast eddy bearings as well...
  9. RC617

    Kraton Kraton 6s V1 Servo recommendations

    My son has a used Kraton 6s V1 and recently he had a servo gear strip out. He rotated the gear and got a little more life out of it, but ultimately it needs replaced. The question I have is does he just replace it with stock or should he get something better. He's on a tight budget so the...
  10. felony4free

    Long lasting Esc, servo and motor upgrades

    For about 2 months now I’ve owned a Arrma Felony and a Typhon, I don’t do much speed runs just bashing. Drifting and such, I burned up my servo in the Typhon within the first week but just in the last few days both cars Esc has died on me, both servos including the one I bought (savox as-1231sg)...
  11. R

    Kraton Just got my new 1/5 scale servo in... time to open it up and mod!

    I wanted to get the 70kg Primal R/C servo, but they are back ordered. I picked up this one for $46, it’s specs look pretty good and it’s waterproof. I will let you all know how it performs once I put it in.
  12. G

    Kraton Well, i guess i'm officially part of the club

    Bought my son a 6s Kraton for Christmas... took me about 5 seconds to decide i needed one too... First run was saturday. this thing is a beast and tons of fun BUT, near what should have been the end of my first pack the car just coasted to a stop. As we were walking up to it i could see smoke...
  13. R

    Kraton What is up with the servos!!!!

    What is a goodvteplacement servo for arrma kraton 6s I had mine for three days and it went out,bought a savox servo one day and it also quit working should I get new one from warranty or is there any servos that won't break so quickly
  14. R

    Kraton Servos - High Torque vs High Speed

    The steering servo in my new K8s is a piece of junk. I will be replacing this servo but after a bunch of research online, I still don't have a concrete answer. I see that both high torque and high speed servos are available in true 1/5th scale sizes, but I do not know what would work better in...
  15. D

    Granite Servo Horn / Servo Saver for BLX 4x4?

    Hey everyone! Getting my nephew an RC car for Christmas turned into also getting one for myself and my brother. My brother and nephew have Granite 4x4 BLX 3S in both colors, and I have a Typhon 4x4 BLX 3S. They all share a lot of parts, which is great for when things break, as we can share many...
  16. J

    JX Ecoboost 36kg Servo Installation Issue

    Hello guys. So I recently purchased a JX Ecoboost CLS6336HV servo for my V5 Kraton. I've been trying to install it but been having constant l issues. At first the stock servo horn wasn't fitting but I was told by some helpful people here that I need to get a 25t horn since the stock one is 23t...
  17. J

    Kraton JX Ecoboost 36kg servo horn problem

    Hey guys. I have a V5 Kraton. I was just upgrading the servo to a jx ecoboost 36kg CLS6322HV servo. I've assembled most of it back but the stock spectrum servo horn doesn't seem to fit on the ecoboost servo. It's extremely tight, I've tried pushing it and even knocking on it gently with a...
  18. I

    Notorious NOTORIOUS V5

    Fun while it lasted, half a pack dead servo. Supposedly this is the upgraded servo too. It wasn't centered properly, had to use full left trim. I was going to correct it then nothing, dead. Everytime I try the servo it forces the esc to shutdown and reboot. No crazy jumping, just driving on the...
  19. C

    Senton Reducing stone and other crap for our dear servo ;)

    Hi there, Since I bought my Arrma Senton v3 BLX, I had the servo that broke (played funny as it got discussed in a different thread). I bought a new one (went over the top with a 25kg waterproof servo) and decided to reduce the space above the servo arm (as can be seen on the picture). Since...
  20. C

    Senton Arrma Senton Replacement

    im new to rc and spent the last 2 hours researching, however id still like a second opinion which of these would make a better replacement for the senton servo. being a reliable brand or...