1. Astronought

    New servo (Savox SB2290sg) will randomly turn either full left or full right all by itself....

    So after blowing up my old servo a few days back I picked up a Savox SB2290sg, why not just go all out! 😜 I went thought the normal servo installation process: Plugged it in Turned off AVC Centered trims Turned it all the way left and then all the way right Put the servo horn on When I took...
  2. drbusta50

    Senton Recommended servo upgrade for Arrma 4x4 Senton

    Looking to beef up the steering and wondered what everyone else has upgraded to. I did up grade to brushless and 2s lipo. Any thoughts Also put the granite tires on.
  3. Yas

    Felony Handbrake servo recommendations - Felony/Infraction alternatives

    Hi all I'm currently racking up a bill with the new Felony in the shopping basket 😏🤷‍♂️ The Spektrum SPMS650 5kg servo for the new Infraction's handbrake isn't currently listed on any retailer sites, and I may as well bag a bit of a better spec one whilst I'm at it Is this servo classed as a...

    Big Rock New Servo For Big Rock 4x4 3s BLX

    My servo in my big rock broke. Any recommendations for a replacement?

    Big Rock Steering Not working on my Big Rock

    My Big Rock 4x4 3s BLX Just stopped steering this morning. I drove it 2 days ago and when I turned it on this morning it just wouldn’t steer. The throttle is working fine, and there is no dirt, grass, or gravel anywhere I can see. Any idea of what is wrong? And what I should do to fix it?
  6. M

    Kraton Esc fault?

    Hi guys. Just got myself a kraton 6s and it's amazing. However the other day the servo just stopped working. I purchased another one and it lasted 10 seconds. The moment it stops i notice the esc fan is spinning super fast but then returns to normal.It's still under warranty but modelsport...
  7. B

    Kraton Savox sw-1210sg servo

    Picked up a new Servo and a hot racing servo mount at my local hobby store. I’ve only run my Kraton twice before I broke the bumper, sheared the front bumper bolt off in the diff and popped a ball out of the steering knuckle. Which is really good considering it was a dead stop hit at speed. This...
  8. F

    Servo alternative for Arrma Notorious 6s

    Hi everybody, What do you think of this Servo, is it okay to try out? Or do you recommend something else? It says something about 6.6V, but the stock ESC gives 6.0V right? Is it compatible? Thank you for your input! (L)
  9. Snafu

    Fury mega no steering

    Am I having a controller issue or a servo I recently bought an arrma Fury mega please correct me if I'm wrong and I lost all steering today and will not come back. Check batteries and wires all seems to be good. The red LED light on the receiver does not indicate a signal when I try to steer the...
  10. HotSauce1983

    Talion Issue with Trim After Landing

    Hey There!! Happy Arrma you to all.. The issue I have which is with Talion 6s v4 and Granite 3s blx. I was thinking maybe it was car until I got talion in this week.. All stock except dif fluid change on talion and sealed bearings for both.. Before and after tear down to make these changes I...
  11. Yas

    Notorious Repairing Arrma servo! ADS-15M

    I've been running a 15kg stock 6s Arrma servo (pulled from a Notorious) in my 3s Typhon. It's seen around 20 packs in all but it has just packed up Steers to the right perfectly, but jitters and stutters slowly back to centre and is the same story when turning left. This happened after a small...
  12. kdeon44

    Infraction Infraction servo upgrade

    Hey whats up guys, I'm the new proud owner of an Arrma Infraction. I'm very impressed with it so far but I think the steering could use a little help. Any suggestions on a new servo? I do have other rc cars, all traxxas, and I upgraded all with Savox except my Xmaxx's. I'm very happy with Savox...
  13. N

    Granite Granite 3S BLX new servo issue

    I am a newbie when it comes to RC cars, so forgive me if i state the obvious. First off, i love my granite and this forum is one of the biggest reasons i chose to purchase this over a stampede. Having a blast bashing this thing running on 2S, haven't even thought about running this on a 3S...
  14. Aclewis

    Kraton Servo upgrade for Arrma Kraton

    Hey, I was wanting to ask the rc family here, what servo would be a good upgrade from stock for the kraton? What y’all running? I’d like one that’s still waterproof and on a budget?
  15. Milk Carton

    Typhon Im kinda disappointed at my typhon 3s...

    I knew the stx2 transmitter was bad, but it’s even worse than I thought, but oh well, I knew my typhon was crazy strong, but I kinda don’t even know what happened, first of all, FIRST RUN, the esc cable got between the central driveshaft, and the driveshaft got split in 2, luckily, the cable...
  16. Lumsdenaj

    Notorious Notorious 6s servo/steering issue

    Had a problem develop this evening. When the car is off the steering feels fine. Wheels turn left and right no problem. When I put it on I can only turn left but it will not return itself. Nothing happens when I try to turn right and when I try to force the wheels by hand it feels like and...
  17. W

    Senton Help with Servo Aligment

    Hello! I bought a Arrma Senton 4x4 Mega last week and its been amazing but im having a problem with the steering trim I have to adjust it too much im trying to align it wit the trim on center and the car on but it doesn't align, this is everything stock and has less than 5 use, what can I do to...
  18. Uplift-RC

    I upgraded my Servo to a SAVOX on my v3 KRATON but need some help?

    I just picked a Savox SW-1210SG 1210SG Tall Waterproof Aluminum Case Digital Steel Gear RC Servo but I heard that I will need a bec and program it in order to get the full potential out of the servo? I heard it it will work just fine but it will need to be programed with a bec. I am not good...
  19. sldnx01

    Granite Granite mega servo upgrade and saver

    After a year of totally rebuilding my mega 10 min into a new lipo, it landed awkward on a front corner. Took apart the traxxas servo I had upgraded to, broken teeth on all gears. I need a recommendation on a metal geared servo and which or how does a servo saver work in the granite mega?
  20. Warby

    Senton Mega 4x4 servo died. Options?

    Ok Arrma guru's, My first thread and question. Let me know if I'm doing this wrong. My son's Senton Mega 4x4 5kg steering servo just died. Sounds like it's stripped some teeth. It has had a hard and short life as I've had to realign the saver a few time as the young bloke is still learning...