1. E

    Kraton Motor change

    the motor in my v1 version burned out,,,,will the new v3 motor be a direct fit into the v1,,or do ina e to change motor mounts. Etc etc.,,,also do I need to replace the esc to go along with it... the motor that burned out is the red one......will the plnion be the same...thanks guys.....
  2. E36Mtek

    Senton Senton 6s with mamba monster 2 combo

    any of you guys running the Senton 6s with a mamba monster 2 combo?
  3. KrampusKillz503

    Granite 4x4 BL upgrade

    Hey guys, new to RC here. Recently got a arrma granite 4x4 and love it. However my motor just gave out so I'm looking to convert to brushless.y question is, I've been looking at motors and ESC's and I read the Tacon motors are pretty good for the price. However I was speaking to a seller on...
  4. Killer Kraton

    Kraton Posiedon motors?

    Is anyone running one of these? Arent these infulenced by Steve Neu? I am looking for a large motor for my Kraton.
  5. hattrick300

    Granite New Motor on the way

    So I burnt up my ESC and motor in my Granite Mega 4X4 and need to replace them. Whats your guy's thoughts on this set-up? Anything I need to watch out for besides temps and gearing? Has anyone run this setup on a Mega before? If so what gearing did you use to keep it running cool?
  6. Killer Kraton

    Kraton Anyone try the Castle 1717?

    I had a 4070 TpPoer 1700kv in my Kraton, I use 4s had a 14 tooth pinion.. never got over 100 degrees barely. It was fast enough for my yard. I am now experimenting with the Traxxas version of Castles 1717 1650kv. I have only ran this (always had a MMX) motor 3 times and it is still COLD here...
  7. zoldos

    Granite engine fan/heatsink, worth it?

    I ordered this: I'm running a 3500kv brushless system with a 2S 50C 5000mAh LiPO. Is it worth it? There's already a fan on the ESC.
  8. J


    Just upgraded to brushless in my Arrma granite with a Sidewinder setup. Everything programmed but sometimes when I'm running it there is a delay. I hit the gas and it will run and stall run and stall then take off like nothing is wrong
  9. J

    Brushless Upgrade Problem

    I recently upgraded my Arrma Granite 4x4 to a Sidewinder motor and ESC. Got everything together and linked the remote but when I turn it on to go drive it it will run for 2 or 3 seconds and stop. The steering works but no throttle. What am I missing.
  10. Pistol87

    Kraton Motor question guys plz help

    ok lookin to buy a leopard 4082 1600kv motor wanting to kno will it work wither the stock blx185 esc?
  11. greatdividers

    Senton Newbie Q's

    Hello friends! I picked up a senton Mega as my first rtr RC this passed weekend. Had an absolute blast driving it around. What I didn't enjoy was 10min of driving and then 4hrs of charging. I'm looking at improving this run time. Should I move into a 2S lipo? I understand higher mAh is going...
  12. Adam6s

    Senton Senton 6s V2 or V3 worthy differences?

    Are the differences between the V2 and V3 Senton 6s worthy to consider?
  13. larrys4227

    Senton Senton Mega/Brushless

    Thought I'd post some particulars on how I setup my Senton. My goal is not wheelie popping brute speed. GoolRC 3650 3900kv with included 60amp ESC. Robinson Racing hardened 22t pinion. 2s 5200mah Lipo I have slotted the space between 17t and 27t mount holes on the motor mount bracket. I did...
  14. Lee Boyce

    Kraton Motors

    How do you tell what is a powerful motor I see lots of people talking about different kv so I'm confused what do you look for to get a powerful motor
  15. XtremeRCLadsonSC

    Kraton Wild and Krazy Kraton

    So one of my favorite customers comes in and sees me on a regular basis to pick my brain for new creative things to try on his cars. Well Friday night he comes by after work as usual and happens to see a crazy combo I set up for a different customer and he starts to drool over it. And if course...
  16. Rich Lee

    Broke motor shaft, looking for upgrade now

    I broke the shaft on my Outcast stock motor. I want to upgrade for MORE SPEED/TORQUE and FUN!! I do not do any track racing. I love to run the Outcast at 3/4 speed but have the ability to unleash 100% throttle for amazing speeds. I like being the fast track at the park. In you opinion... what is...
  17. Plasce209

    Senton Upgrade to velineon vxl-3s 3500 system?

    I was gifted this system and will like to know if anyone is already running this system in their Senton Mega 4x4, or if it would be compatible to do so?? If so, do I need to change any other stock parts. Thanks for helping this rookie...
  18. Headbangerfacerip

    Castle creations 1515 bearings !!

    Hello, I recently bought a new castle creations mamba monster 2 combo with a sensored 1515 motor. I run in a lot of sand so I took it apart to clean it and put in some nice orange seal Boca bearings sense I have run them in the past and they are great. When I took it apart the shaft size bearing...
  19. rekim

    Vorteks 4000 kv 2 pole motor

    i bought a scratch and dent vorteks from tower a while back. it said the esc was burned, so i bought a new esc. i finally got around to putting it together and trying it out. it would cog out under power and the motor had a horrible smell and was really hot after about 30 seconds of driving. i...
  20. T

    Granite Brushless upgrade

    So ive got a granite 4x4 mega and i am going to upgrade it to brushless but im not sure with combo to use. i was thinking a motor esc combo 150$ like 3000 kv or so 60 -90 amp esc is good ty.